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Firefighter Training Courses

 In South Africa firefighting jobs are getting more competitive every year. As an aspiring firefighter, you want to be certain you get the best possible preparation before you start applying for jobs. And depending on the area you’d like to work in, finding the best fire academies can be a tough task. 

Bizzy fire control offer high quality training to provide multiple opportunities for youth,safety manager and companies in South Africa.

Our Fire Training Johannesburg Program

Our Johannesburg Fire trainers are active firemen/women who have current Fire Safety Training and experience in how to deal with an emergency. They understand the impact a fire can have on the workplace, individuals, their families and the community. The Fire Safety Training we cover ensures you fulfill your legal obligations in relation to the Work Health Safety Act.

Course Details

Fire Safety Training should be renewed annually.

Our Fire Safety Training ensures employers are meeting their obligations with the South African Work Health & Safety Act. The program includes the topics related to:

  • Fire warden responsibilities
  • Assembly areas 
  • The fire triangle 
  • Evacuation procedures 
  • Practical fire extinguisher and fire blanket use

Fire Training Johannesburg onsite

Bizzy Fire Control Fire Training  Johannesburg provides onsite Fire, Emergency Response and Evacuation Training to organisations to ensure they are prepared when confronted with Emergency situations. 

All of Bizzy Fire Training’s consultants are current professional firefighters, so they have been exposed to numerous life threatening situations and have seen the devastating effects on a workplace that lacks proper emergency response training. 

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