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A Firestop Putty Pad provides acoustical sealant for wall penetrations in the form of a release lined pad that is easy to apply to electrical boxes or other penetrates. The pad is conveniently sized to fit standard single or double gang boxes with no cutting or piercing required. Faced on both sides with a poly liner, Firestop Putty Pads are easily applied with no mess or excessive residue.

Firestop putties

What is Firestop Putty?

Firestop Putty excels at sealing cabling penetrations and outlet boxes , Firestop Putty is non-hardening and easily hand works around grouped cabling penetrations forming a re-enterable seal allowing for future work. When applied with outlet boxes, Firestop Putty easily works into voids and seams forming a continuous seal against fire and the products of combustion.

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Firestop putty
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