Firestop Sealants and Sprays Products in Johannesburg.

Leading Johannesburg FireStop Sealants Distributor

Firestop sealants Johannesburg: Are you Looking for fire sealant in Johannesburg? Bizzy Fire Control supply wide range of fire seal products that are suitable for commercial & residential applications. Firestop sealants, are sealants that are primarily used to seal around metallic pipes, conduits, tubing that have penetrated a fire wall.

 Bizzy Fire Control has been the leading Johannesburg area distributor for Firestop Sealants and Sprays Products.

firestop sealants

What are Firestop Sealants?

Firestop Sealants are used to seal small openings/gaps through penetrants (such as civil pipes, ducts, electrical cables, etc.) passing through walls or floors in buildings.  

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