Pipe Threading And Fabrication Services

Save time and labour with Bizzy Fire Control’s pipe fabrication, cutting and end preparation services offered in Johannesburg. As the leading pipe supplier in Johannesburg, we make it easy for you to get the pipe you need for your projects and have it cut to your specifications from one convenient place in areas that offer this service.

Pipe threading

Commercial and mechanical contractors benefit from our pipe cutting and end preparation capabilities. Bizzy Fire Control provides fire protection professionals with complete fabrication services. Whether your organization fabricates pipe in-house or not, Bizzy Fire Control’s pipe fabrication, cutting and end preparation services will complement your organization’s fabrication capabilities and help you get the job done.

We customize our delivery methods to fit your needs. Even if your pipe order needs to be delivered to a high-rise building for a commercial construction project, we can pack, tag and mark each piece of pipe to have it staged for crane pickup. The combination of our pipe fabrication services and logistics abilities makes Bizzy Fire Control your reliable source for the fabricated pipe you need to finish the job.

Pipe Threading Applications

At Bizzy Fire Control we have an extensive range of steel fabrication equipment allowing us to offer a full range of services to our clients from initial concept to installation.

Ideal for a variety of pipe threading applications, the pipe threading equipment on offer from Bizzy Fire Control allows for plumbing, maintenance and repair work to be carried out with ease. Designed to enable quick and accurate bends for copper or steel piping, these threading tools can be customised to a number of different settings, depending on your pipe threading requirements

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