Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection systems

Fire Detection Systems

Bizzy Fire is a approved Fire Detection Systems and expert installation for commercial properties and residences in Johannesburg, South Africa.

If you are in need of fire detection system in Johannesburg and Nelspruit , Bizzy Fire Control is the fire detection system company for you.
Our products has been furnishing the Johannesburg area with fire alarm systems and other fire protection
equipment at the top industry standards for over 10 years.

When it comes to your business, safety and protection come first. Knowing that you are protected and in compliance with
the law is Bizzy Fire Control mission. When you purchase a fire detection system from Bizzy Fire Control, you are guaranteed
a high quality product, efficient design and professional installation that will assure that your fire alarm system will stand the
test of time and serve you if/when you need it most.

You need a fire detection company that you can trust! A company that will be there for you to keep you safe and protected.
You need Bizzy Fire Control – more than 10 years of excellence to trust.

Smoke Ventilation System Maintenance and Repair

Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation System Services for All Buildings.Make safety your top priority: Keep your fire ventilation system in premium condition.Routine Smoke Ventilation System Maintenance is essential throughout a building’s ongoing use.The failure to maintain smoke ventilation systems can be dire.

Bizzy Fire Control we specialise in scheduled preventative maintenance. Our experienced engineers are available countrywide to maintain and service your smoke vent system.

Fire Detection Systems

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