Fire Protection Consultations in Gauteng & Mpumalanga South Africa

When it comes to protecting your business assets, customers, and employees from fire, the very first step is to meet with a fire protection company for a consultation. This is the key to having an effective system designed and installed at your site.

Bizzy Fire Control is the fire protection specialist you’re looking for. We have an experienced fire protection design team capable of mapping out your needs using CAD software. Our knowledge of fire requirements enables us to propose a flawless design during your fire protection consultation.

To schedule a free fire protection consultation for your business, call Bizzy Fire Control today at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 or contact us online!


When you sit down with a Bizzy Fire Control fire protection specialist, you can expect to go over every design aspect of your future fire safety and prevention system. These aspects include:

  • Fire sprinklers: We’ll discuss the number and type of fire sprinklers your building needs for optimal fire protection. We take every detail into account that could affect the function of your sprinkler system, from changes in elevation to pipe friction. Our goal is to leave you satisfied knowing your sprinklers are designed to deliver the proper amount of water to extinguish a fire with minimal water damage.
  • Fire pumps: Sprinkler systems include a fire pump to ensure sprinkler heads expel enough water to properly douse the flame. Your fire protection consultation includes sizing the fire pump based on your building’s needs to ensure the proper water pressure and volume.
  • Fire suppression: In rooms or buildings where fire sprinklers aren’t appropriate, waterless fire suppression is an option. If you have computers, electrical equipment or flammable liquids onsite, your fire protection consultation will include discussing alternative firefighting methods, including automatic foam fire suppression and handheld extinguishers designed to put out electrical or flammable liquid fires.
  • Kitchen fire suppression: Commercial kitchens have unique fire suppression needs. Ordinary sprinklers are useless against fires started by overheated cooking fuel. Fortunately, you have a few kitchen fire protection systems to choose from to best meet the needs of your restaurant. We can help you decide which ones to use during your fire protection consultation.
  • Fire alarms: This component of a fire protection system doesn’t actively put out the blaze, but it’s an important warning device to get people out of the building when a fire starts. During your consultation, we’ll discuss each individual component of a fire alarm system and which ones you should install where, including pull stations, smoke detectors, bells, strobe lights, control panels and more. We also go over the benefits of a monitored fire alarm system that automatically alerts local emergency dispatchers when the alarm sounds.


Don’t put off your fire protection consultation with Bizzy Fire Control. A costly violation or fire in an unprotected building is simply not worth it.

Whether you’re constructing a new business location, expanding your current property or making some much-needed upgrades, Bizzy Fire Control offers the fire protection services you need! Contact us online or call us at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 today to schedule your consultation. 

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