Fire Pump Services Johannesburg & Nelspruit

Imagine arriving at work on Monday to find your office equipment was destroyed over the weekend: the sprinkler heads reacted to smoke and flames but couldn’t put out the fire properly due to a dip in water pressure. A fire pump is often necessary to ensure that your fire sprinkler system is capable of getting water distributed throughout the whole building to successfully suppress a fire.

If you own an office space in Johannesburg or Nelspruit, having a reliable fire protection system is essential to protecting your space, employees, and future business. At Bizzy Fire Control, we provide superior fire sprinkler service. Our certified and experienced employees can help with installation, repair, and annual inspection of fire pumps.


Installing or replacing a fire pump ensures that your fire sprinkler system will have enough water pressure to protect your company’s most valuable assets in the event of an emergency. When we install or replace your fire pump system, our skilled technicians will make sure that your fire pumps are able to provide enough pressure for your entire building.

To increase volume and pressure of water, fire pumps are usually required with fire sprinkler systems in high-rises, larger buildings (such as warehouses), and offices with ground-level water tanks. When the pumps detect a dip in water pressure below a specific threshold, they will automatically turn on to help your sprinkler system battle the fire.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to start thinking about your company or organization’s fire protection. Call Bizzy Fire Control today to install or replace your fire pump system and protect your business.


When was the last time you had a fire pump inspection? Many businesses add fire pumps to their sprinkler systems to protect their company from a fire emergency. However, without performing regular inspections, the pressure of the pumps may not activate properly when there is a fire, leaving your business unprotected. Annual fire pump inspections are absolutely crucial to ensure that your fire pump is working and prepared for a fire emergency.

A weekly test should be performed to run the fire pump motor (similar to starting a car on a cold morning). These are easy to do: just call Bizzy Fire Control and let us know that you’re going to run a fire pump test. If your fire pump successfully tests after 10 minutes, you’ll be good for another week. If not, our experienced technicians will come and fix the problem.

An annual fire pump inspection should be performed by a fire protection service company, like Bizzy Fire Control In our inspection, we will make sure the couplings of all pipes are aligned, check the circulation relief valves that prevent the pump from overheating, and test the water flow and pressure to the pumps.

If you need an inspection of your fire pump system in Johannesburg & Nelspruit, give Bizzy Fire Control a call! We will check all the components of your fire pump to ensure your fire sprinkler system is prepared for a fire.


Preventing disasters around-the-clock is extremely important for running your business. Once your fire pump and fire sprinkler system are installed, Bizzy Fire Control offers 24-hour emergency fire protection services, including repair and maintenance.

Whether you need to schedule a routine inspection or an emergency repair for your fire pump or fire sprinkler system, contact Bizzy Fire Control today! As a fire protection company, we are dedicated to keeping your fire sprinkler system up-to-date, so your business will always be protected if a fire strikes.

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