Fire Suppression Systems In Johannesburg & Nelspruit


Does your business own valuable equipment or items that would be devastating if lost in a fire? Many companies install a fire suppression system to protect their business’s most significant assets in case of a fire emergency. However, installing a fire suppression system is only the first step. You will also need periodic maintenance and inspections to make sure your systems are running smoothly.

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Have you ever wondered how a fire suppression system works? A fire requires the chemical reaction of heat, oxygen, and fuel to burn. In response to a fire, fire suppression systems work by disrupting one or more of the elements involved in that chemical reaction. This helps to incapacitate the ability of the fire to grow. There are many different types of fire suppression systems to choose from depending on your specific fire prevention needs:

  • Kitchen fire suppression systems
  • Foam fire suppression systems

Fire suppression systems can be very effective in improving the fire safety of buildings of various sizes. Before choosing a fire suppression system for your business, however, you may want to consult with our fire safety experts to find out exactly what fire suppression system will meet your specific needs. Once you have undergone a fire suppression system installation, the next step is to keep on top of regular, periodic inspections to ensure its peak performance and functionality.

Not sure if your business has an operable fire suppression system? Request a fire suppression system inspection in Johannesburg & Nelspruit today. Call Bizzy Fire Control at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199 today!


Installing a new fire suppression system means understanding what sort of fire suppression system is appropriate — which in turn means knowing your options. Modern fire suppression systems usually fall into one of five major categories:

  • FM-200 gas systems, which react with fire to extinguish it
  • Chemical foam systems with foam-dispensing nozzles installed over known potential fire sources, primarily used in commercial kitchens
  • Water mist systems, which are a less destructive alternative to traditional sprinklers
  • Foam deluge systems, which drown an area in foam to kill a fire as soon as possible
  • Pneumatic heat detection tube systems, used for targeted fire suppression in smaller confines where more reliable or simple systems may be unreasonable

Bizzy Fire Control will help you to identify likely threats, which installations make the most sense from an efficacy, upkeep, and installation cost view, and then install and test your system in a painless, efficient manner. Our experienced technicians ensure an effective, customer-friendly experience from beginning to end, with as little interruption for your property as possible.


Thorough maintenance of your fire suppression system is crucial if you want to avoid serious damage. Bizzy Fire Control follows a thorough process to check every component of your system: every gauge, valve, alarm, fitting, agent piping, etc. We achieve this by following a strict maintenance process. A sample process, with variations for a given system, might look like this:

  • Check initiating devices
  • Check time delays for discharge
  • Make sure the release activates
  • Test manual release and abort functions
  • Check agent containers
  • Verify all discharge sources are oriented correctly
  • Test enclosure integrity
  • Test batteries
  • Test signal
  • Verify as-built drawing and flow calculations

Before leaving, your Bizzy Fire Control technician will go through and verify every component is unchanged, every tamper seal intact, every pressure gauge appropriate, and every maintenance certificate up to date. We know you can’t afford to have a problem in your suppression system during a fire.


At Bizzy Fire Control, we understand how important your company’s assets are to your business. Whenever your fire suppression system is not working, your business is at risk of losing its most valuable possessions to a potential fire. Our fire protection company provides 24-hour emergency fire suppression system inspection, maintenance, testing, and repair services to ensure your business is protected from fires around the clock.

For more information, contact us online or call us now at 011 024 3598 or 013 752 2199. 


Whether you have a data center, server room, computer lab, paint booth, or room that your company uses to store your most expensive and important business items, installing and maintaining a fire suppression system is a must to protect your company’s employees and valuables. Fire suppression systems are designed to protect your most essential property without damaging even the most sensitive electronic equipment during a fire emergency.


What is a clean agent?

Clean agents are those fire suppression agents that are non-volatile and non-conductive and leave no residue when evaporated.

Are clean agent suppression systems environmentally friendly?

Most clean agent suppression systems are environmentally friendly; older systems may still use less eco-friendly gases, but new installations focus on greener options.

Are clean agent suppression systems safe for people?

Clean agent suppression systems are designed to be safe for humans in the environment.

What factors affect fire suppression system costs?

Type of system, size of the system, agent utilized, engineering costs, and labor costs all shape the bottom line for a fire suppression system’s cost.

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