Fire Pumps and Tanks

The fire pump is critical to your building’s fire sprinkler system, responsible for delivering water to the sprinklers that douse the fire.

Fire Pumps and Tanks Johannesburg

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If your pump is damaged or not working, your system is under severe threat of not performing adequately in case of a fire.

Fire Pumps are designed to work in conjunction with sprinkler and/or hydrant/hose reel system installations. The pump supplies controlled pressurised water through sprinkler and hydrant/hose reel pipework, distributing water throughout the system.

Regular fire pump inspection and testing is legally required in order to make sure your fire sprinkler system is able to protect your building in any event of a fire.

At Bizzy Fire Control, our trained professionals have over 15 years of experience providing complete fire protection services, including fire pump testing and inspection. We also supply and install new pumps and pumps houses.

Fire Pumps and Tanks Products & Services

Pump & Tank Systems

Fire Pump sets are usually connected to water tanks and are either operated by a diesel or electric engine.

Installation & Replacement

Installing or replacing a fire pump ensures your fire sprinkler system will have enough water pressure to protect your company’s most valuable assets in the event of an emergency.

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Fire Pump Maintenance

Fire pumps are required by law to undergo regular preventative maintenance to ensure they keep their effectiveness. Bizzy Fire Control offers comprehensive fire pump maintenance services, including lubrication and coupling alignment.

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