Smoke Detectors in South Africa

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Smoke Detector Johannesburg, Cape Town & Nelspruit

Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are ingenious devices, they are highly practical and very useful. In South Africa, it has been proven that smoke detectors save thousands of lives each year, and as such, they have been highly recommended but most importantly required in all commercial and residential buildings.Installing a few of these inside a building or a commercial business establishment, especially in areas that are prone to fires, could help you, your employees, and your clients take appropriate action in such cases, there really is no excuse why this part of a comprehensive fire safety plan must be neglected.
Having your smoke alarm replaced or installed by our experienced team will also be accompanied by an electrical safety certificate to showcase the device has been correctly installed in your home.

Fire Smoke Detector in Johannesburg & Cape Town

We at Bizzy Fire Control will not just offer you the latest fire smoke detector on the market, but also see to it that we install new fire smoke detector alarms that fit your needs and design.We ensure you that we only use the best branded smoke detectors on the market, which we personally have tried and tested. Once we have installed in your property our recommended type of smoke alarm, you can rest assured you building is safe and secured with a permanent connection.

Call us today for the installation of your smoke detector and our SAQCC technicians in Johannesburg,Cape Town and Nelspruit will be at your location to attend to your needs.

Fire Alarm System in Cape Town ,Johannesburg & Nelspruit

Fire alarm and smoke detection systems are crucial to maintaining the safety of your employees, property and in many cases, your home. Fire alarm systems provide constant monitoring to ensure round the clock protection of your premises. Therefore, fire alarm and smoke detector servicing is paramount in assuring that these systems work in accordance with their design specifications.Fire alarm, fire panel and fire detection servicing must be carried out on a regular basis in accordance with the ASIB standards.
Our fire detection and alarm system testing adheres to the requirements of fire safety standards in South Africa with our technicians also updating your fire alarm panel logbook and reporting any failures identified. If corrective measures are required, our technicians will respond with a quote for repair.
For expert fire detection and alarm system servicing, contact Bizzy Fire Control today. Our experienced technicians provide testing for all fire detection and alarm system services and are committed to providing the best quality service.
Contact us today for a free quote or further information on how we can help make your workplace fire safe.

Fire Detection Companies 

Nobody should have to live in fear of improper fire detection. That’s why we work hard to bring you the most up to date and cost effective smoke detector that will guarantee your safety and wellness. Contact us and we can tell you exactly what you’ll need installed and for what price. Our team of trained technician will work closely with you and install the right fire detection system unique to your building. Call us, and you’ll be in caring hands who have an intrinsic understanding of smoke alarm regulations. We understand the hassle that goes into an installation of any kind, so we can promise we’ll be in and out before you know it. And if that just means providing you with the necessary resources, then you can count on us for that too.

Safety comes first, but cost-effectiveness is a very close second. You can trust us to get you the best prices to suit your budget as well as getting the job done right the first time around. Don’t compromise for inexperienced amateurs, trust the experts Bizzy Fire Control the fire detection companies in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nelspruit. We’ll be here when you need us whether it’s the first or tenth time you need repairs or testing related to fire detection system.

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